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The publication of these books is motivated by the highest good:  
to give fellow men and women a little push in the right directions.

"These wonderful and interesting books give me peace of mind."  
(Minlanie 'Khasmer' Ismael, Philippines)

"The ideas in these books make one stop and reconsider oneself and one's surroundings. Congratulations on this super series." 
 (L. Devraj of Thomson Information)

"You are certainly doing a lot of good service for humanity."  
(May Syn, Brahma Kumaris)

"These little books are terrific. I wish I had them when I was in my twenties." 
(Dennis Bosdet of Linden Artists, UK)

"I read one of your books and I was really inspired."  
(Lilly Laryea of Accra-North, Ghana)

"We seek your approval to use excerpts from your 'Love & Marriage' book in our Family Ties newsletter. They are very beautiful and meaningful and it will be great to share some of them with our readers." 
(Yeo, Ministry of Community Development. and Sports, Government of Singapore)

"I am impressed with the simplicity of the book [Wisdom of the Prophet] and the depth of its contents."
(Godfrey Harris, President, Harris/Ragan Management Group, Los Angeles)

Each book is packed with powerful ideas that will make you want to read the book repeatedly. "I have read your 'Jewels in The Koran' three times. I am impressed," writes of Barney Davids of Publishing Consultants, Isle of Man.

Measuring 6" x 4 1/4", these books are ideal for travel reading as well.

These books make a very nice gift. "I liked these books so much that I bought extra copies at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair to give as gifts," writes Mohammed Zihar of Sri Lanka.

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